About me

When awful ideas and free time collide.

Hi, I’m Hazel Atkinson she/her, known online as Yellowsink. I make dumb little programs, and occasionally some cool stuff, sometimes.

These days most people know me from modding Discord.

I like to play rhythm games in my spare time, I used to play osu!, and got reasonable during lockdown, but now I mostly play Quaver and Muse Dash.

I try to keep up with anime and stuff but usually forget. And I’m into that whole scrobbling thing.

I am an active member of uwu.network, where my blog lives. I’d love if some of ya would read it ^^.

There are some really cool people there, I love them all, go check it out :)

All my software is free (as in beer). If it’s helpful to you, a coffee is always appreciated ;)